This is a project we did for Amnesty Jam on the theme of Human Rights Defenders. The game is not complete because we didn't have the time to add everything we wanted (such as a cutscene to introduce the story and some text to explain the actions).

Basically, you're a high school student in a Human Rights Club. A (randomized) violation of human rights happens : you need to contact the Decider, someone who has the power to make a change. For example, a journalist was jailed in another country : you'll have to reach the Ambassador. 

So each of your student is represented by a node, and you can interact with people/node you know and meet new people/node, or maybe tweet, start a petition, organise a protest, etc in order extend your network until you can reach the Decider.

Made by :  Horace Ribout - GD and Lead programmation (nodes animation, graph system, randomized characters, etc) Aurélien Montéro - Sound Design Arnaud - GD and programmation  Emmanuel - programmation Loreleï Simon - Lead GD and 2D Art


Download 23 MB
Download 27 MB
Download 29 MB

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